Minimize Level-1 Products - Observation Mode

The SLSTR Level-1 observation mode products consist of full resolution, geolocated, co-located nadir and along track view, Top of Atmosphere (TOA) brightness temperatures (in the case of thermal IR channels) or radiances (in the case of visible, NIR and SWIR channels) from all SLSTR channels. It also contains quality flags, pixel classification information and meteorological annotations.

All these parameters are gathered in a single package, called SL_1_RBT, composed of 77 or 111 files, taking into account the components that are not part of the operational production baseline and that can be activated by configuration of the processing chain: 22 or 34 files containing the actual measurements whereas the other 54 or 76 contain the annotations data.

Note that the name of the different files provides information about this content. The suffix of each filename is associated to the selected grid:

  • "an" and "ao" refer to the 500 m grid, stripe A, respectively for nadir view and oblique view
  • "bn" and "bo" refer to the 500 m grid, stripe B
  • "cn" and "co" refer to the 500 m grid, stripe TDI
  • "in" and "io" refer to the 1 km grid
  • "tx/n/o" refer to the tie-point grid for agnostic/nadir and oblique view

In addition, when the file is associated to a specific SLSTR channel, the filename is given a specific prefix, indicated by the following table.


Used Prefix Central wavelength (um) Width (um)
SLSTR nominal channels
S1 0.555 0.02
S2 0.659 0.02
S3 0.865 0.02
S4 1.375 0.015 – 0.020
S5 1.61 0.06
S6 2.25 0.05
S7 3.74 0.38
S8 10.85 0.9
S9 12.0 1.0
Fire channels
F1 3.74 0.38
F2 10.85 0.9

Used prefixes and wavelength SLSTR channels