Level-1 Products - Calibration Mode

The calibration mode outputs only the VISCAL ADF, used to calibrate the next orbit for the SWIR, NIR and visible channels. The product is composed of one file and associated metadata.

The SLSTR Level-1 VISCAL data file contains summary visible and shortwave infrared calibration information derived from the VISCAL solar illumination period located within a previous product, typically for the orbit immediately preceding the current product. This file, named SL_1_VCS_AX, is produced in netCDF format for each orbit. The following table presents the detailed content of this file.

Detailed content of the SLSTR L1 VISCAL data file
Element name Description Dimensions
Specific Dimensions
visible_detectors Number of visible detector elements  
swir_detectors Number of SWIR detector elements  
views Number of views (nadir and oblique)  
integrators Number of integrators  
Included Variables
ANX_time Time of ascending node crossing in the UTC YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.ddddddz CCSDS format 1
calibration_time Time of calibration in the UTC YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.ddddddZ CCSDS format 1
monitor_mean Monitor diode average counts 1
monitor_SD Monitor diode noise counts 1
For each Visible / NIR/ SWIR channel (S1 to S6)
S(1:6)_solar_irradiances associated solar irradiances visible_detectors, views
S(1:6)_slopes associated slopes visible_detectors, views, int
S(1:6)_VISCAL_means associated VISCAL average counts visible_detectors, views, int
S(1:6)_VISCAL_SD associated VISCAL noise counts visible_detectors, views, int
S(1:6)_BB1_means associated BB1 average counts visible_detectors, views, int
S(1:6)_BB1_SD associated BB1 noise counts visible_detectors, views, int

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