Earth Observation Mode - FR or RR TOA Radiances

This product consists of the physical measurements from the instrument. These are Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) radiances, calibrated to geophysical units (W.m-2. sr-1 ┬Ám-1), georeferenced onto the Earth's surface, spatially resampled onto an evenly spaced grid and annotated with illumination and observation geometry, environment data (meteorological data) and quality and classification flags.
The product is available at two spatial resolutions: full resolution and reduced resolution.

The OL_1_EFR product (OL_1_ERR for reduced resolution) is described in the following table.
Element Name Description SENTINEL-SAFE product manifest Radiance for OLCI acquisition bands 01 to 21 Removed pixels information needed for Level-1C generation Time stamp annotations High resolution georeferencing data Classification and quality flags Low resolution georeferencing data Sun and view angles ECMWF meteorology data Instrument data


Oa## represents all the OLCI channels taken into account in Level-1 processing and described in the following table.

OLCI spectral channels and corresponding indexing symbols used in the present document
Band Number Central Wavelength (nm) Spectral Width (nm)
Oa1 400 15
Oa2 412.5 10
Oa3 442.5 10
Oa4 490 10
Oa5 510 10
Oa6 560 10
Oa7 620 10
Oa8 665 10
Oa9 673.75 7.5
Oa10 681.25 7.5
Oa11 708.75 10
Oa12 753.75 7.5
Oa13 761.25 2.5
Oa14 764.375 3.75
Oa15 767.5 2.5
Oa16 778.75 15
Oa17 865 20
Oa18 885 10
Oa19 900 10
Oa20 940 20
Oa21 1 020 40


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