The official POD products in NRT are computed using 24 hours of data. The predicted orbit files are a propagation extracted from the NRT product, and therefore have the same passing metrics. This information and other modelling parameters are included in the Product Handbook. They are computed using P1/P2 code and L1/L2 phase ionosphere-free combinations. The number of used and rejected observations for each timeliness are shown hereafter:

Figure 1: Number of used and rejected observations in NRT processing

The RMS of residuals obtained from the processing of pseudorange and carrier phase after applying an ANTEX correction [] to the GPS antenna are shown below for all generated products.

Figure 2: RMS of pseudorange residuals in NRT processing

Figure 3: RMS of carrier phase residuals in NRT processing

The predicted Orbit file (AUX_PREORB) is computed using a propagation extracted from these same NRT Restituted Orbit Files. Therefore, the same metrics are applicable to them.

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