Level-1C Processing

Sentinel-2 MSI Technical Guide - Level-1C Processing Overview

Level-1C processing elaborates, from algorithms of resampling and cloud and land/water masks computations, the Level-1C (TOA reflectance) product from the precursor Level-1B product.

Level-1C Processing Overview

  • Level-1C Tiles Association. This module selects predefined tiles which intersect the image footprint.
  • Level-1C Resampling Grid Computation. This step calculates the resampling grids, linking the image in native geometry to the target geometry (orthoimage).
  • Resampling on Level-1C Geometry. This processing step resamples each spectral band in the geometry of the orthoimage using the resampling grids and an interpolation filter. In addition, it calculates the TOA reflectance.
  • Masks Computation. This step generates the cloud and land/water masks at Level-1C geometry.
  • Level-1C Compression. This processing step compresses Level-1C imagery using the JPEG2000 algorithm and a GML geographic imagery encoded header. Level-1C data is generated at the end of this step.

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