The following questions related to the Copernicus POD Service have been posed by users from the scientific community or are deemed of interest for potential users. The most common ones, together with their answers, are included here below:

  • Where can the POD orbital products and auxiliary data be accessed?
    All available POD products for Sentinel-1 (i.e., restituted and precise orbits) can be accessed at the Sentinel-1 Quality Control webpage. In addition, they will be available soon from the Copernicus Open Access Hub. It has to be noted that no restituted attitude files are available for the time being due to problems with the on-board quaternions. ESA is addressing this issue, and therefore, no attitude files from Sentinel-1 will be available to the users until the issue is solved.
  • How can I get information on the attitude of Sentinel-1 satellites?
    The information about the attitude on Sentinel-1 satellites is provided in the Sentinel-1 Properties for GPS POD document. For the time being the official product containing the attitude of Sentinel-1 is not available due to problems with the computed on-board quaternions. However, the Quaternions files for the entire mission of Sentinel-1 satellites are already available to the Copernicus Open Access Hub website.
  • Are the Sentinel RINEX available for the scientific community?
    Yes, the GNSS L1 RINEX files decoded from the GPS L0 data are available in the Copernicus Open Access Hub since the beginning of the mission. These files are updated daily with a latency of one week and they cover one day of timespan.

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