Minimize Level 2 OCN Surface Radial Velocity (RVL) Component

The RVL surface radial velocity component is a ground range gridded difference between the measured Level-2 Doppler grid and the Level-1 calculated geometrical Doppler. The RVL component provides continuity of the ASAR Doppler grid. The RVL estimates are produced on a ground-range grid.


The Level-2 Doppler is computed on a grid similar to the OWI component grid and provides an estimate of the Doppler frequency and the Doppler spectral width. The uncertainties of the estimates are also provided for both the Doppler and radial velocity.The Doppler frequency and the Doppler spectral width are estimated based on fitting the azimuth spectral profile of the data to the antenna model taking into account additive noise, aliasing, and side band effects. The Doppler frequency provided in the product is the pure Doppler frequency estimated from the SLC data without correcting for geometry and mispointing errors.