Geographical Coverage

Sentinel 5P - Geographical Coverage

Due to its wide swath of 108° (approximately 2 600 km on the ground), the TROPOMI/Sentinel-5P instrument provides a full daily surface coverage of radiance and reflectance measurements for latitudes > 7° and < -7°, and better than 95 % coverage for latitudes in the interval [-7°, 7°].

The early afternoon observations of TROPOMI/Sentinel-5P (LTAN: 13h30) will have strong synergy with the morning observation of Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment 2 (GOME-2/Met-OP). Although GOME-2 has a lower spatial resolution and does not have the SWIR spectral range, the combination of TROPOMI/Sentinel-5P and GOME-2/Met-OP allows observation of diurnal variations, as successfully shown with the OMI/SCIAMACHY combination.

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