SPOT-5 Take 5 announcement of opportunity

26 November 2014

ESA invites proposals for the SPOT-5 Take 5 call, which aims to select potential sites of observation for a new phase in the SPOT-5 mission.

The end of SPOT-5's nominal mission is foreseen at the end of March 2015, with deorbiting expected in autumn of 2015. In analogy to the previous SPOT-4 Take 5 experiment, within this timeframe a new experimental phase should allow placing SPOT-5 in a 5 days cycle orbit. Thanks to this orbit, it will be possible to acquire data over selected sites every 5 days under constant angles for duration of around 5 months over the majority of the vegetation phase (current assumed schedule is 08/04/15-31/08/15). The successful probability of this experimentation phase is robust, even if the formal decision will be only taken on 19 November.

The observation data processing of the selected sites will be funded by ESA's Earthnet program, and the experiment is co-funded by CNES. Additionally, this call shall support the preparations for the upcoming Sentinel-2 mission, which shall provide data continuity for the SPOT missions.

The deadline for proposal submissions is: 8 December 2014

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