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Sentinel-3 Sea-Ice, Land Ice and Hydro Altimetry Thematic products official data release

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The reprocessed ESA Sentinel-3 level-2 Altimetry Thematic Products (TPs) are officially available from June the 6th 2023.

The S3 Altimetry TPs, having Baseline Collection 005 (BC005), are generated over the thematic surfaces: Hydro (or Inland Waters), Sea Ice, and Land Ice areas.

 Thematic Products have improved performance with respect to the previous level-2 Land products and address the specific needs of Copernicus Services and user communities for these three continental surfaces.

The release of the level-2 TPs is performed incrementally, as soon as the data validation is completed by the S3 Land Altimetry Mission Performance Cluster and covers the full mission data set from the beginning of the S3A and S3B missions up to date.

Once the Full Mission Reprocessing is completed (Q3 2023), the BC005 will be transferred to the operational chain, and the production of the ‘old’ level-2 Land products will be stopped, while the ‘new’ level-2 Thematic Products will be generated operationally. See more information on the BC005 operational roadmap.

Data access is available through a dedicated FTP folder. To access the data, connect to


User: s3-themsral

Password: s3-themsral

Check out more information on product performance, availability and access here.


Figure 1: Preliminary assessment of Sentinel-3 level-2 Thematic Product performances

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