Refurbished GEOSS portal now online

11 November 2016

A new and improved version of the GEOSS web portal is ready to provide users with faster, more intuitive access to the ever-growing wealth of diverse Earth observation resources worldwide.

The portal is the primary access point to the Global Earth Observation System of System (GEOSS), connecting Earth observation data users to over 200 million resources such as satellite-based data, aerial and in-situ data, models, algorithms and web-pages.

The enhanced GEOSS portal was unveiled this week during the 13th annual Group on Earth Observations (GEO) plenary meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

One of the main challenges of GEOSS is that it must connect a vast amount of data amongst a large variety of users that includes decision and policy-makers, scientists and data analysts, as well as value-adders and citizens.

The new portal permits users to use simple and multicriteria searches to refine results according to their needs, as well as filter results for the type of data they want to consult, such as from a particular satellite mission. For example, users searching for cloud-free Sentinel-2 imagery over a particular area can find what they need within a few clicks.

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