RapidEye L3A time series dataset for Sentinel-2 available on-line

02 October 2013

In order to prepare for the exploitation of Sentinel-2 type of time series, the European Space Agency, in collaboration with RapidEye, collected an unprecedented time series from February to June 2013 with a 5 day revisit at high resolution over 14 selected sites around the world.

With the 'RapidEye Level 3A time series dataset for Sentinel-2', ESA is intending to support the R&D activities of relevance for the Sentinel-2 mission (e.g. agriculture, wetlands, coastal, food security and forest monitoring).

ESA is offering the RapidEye Level 3A time series dataset for Sentinel-2 at 5 metres spatial resolution (multispectral L3A orthorectified) free of charge to the worldwide user community. The dataset is available on-line for each site of interest via Fast Registration on ESA's Earthnet Online Portal.

Further details are available on the RapidEye Mission and Product pages.

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