Intermittent Small Baseline Subset (ISBAS) method application over a coal mining area in the UK

17 October 2013

This research focus on the method termed here, the Intermittent Small Baseline Subset (ISBAS), which, compared with the Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) method, appears to improve results over natural, woodland and agricultural terrain.

A major limitation of long-time-series DInSAR is that the analysis is generally restricted to points that are of a consistently high coherence throughout the whole time series, meaning the spatial distribution of points is often inadequate to characterise a large-scale feature that persists across a range of land-cover types. Here the authors present a solution with the ISBAS method, that utilises pixels that are intermittently coherent over time in addition to those that are consistently stable over all observations. The algorithm is based upon a minor modification of the well-established low-pass SBAS.

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