New Copernicus Sentinel-3 Fire Radiative Power products released

30 October 2020

We are pleased to announce the public release of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 Fire Radiative Power products to be processed in NTC timeliness, contained in a new processing baseline 2.70-A and 1.46-B:

  • Sentinel-3 SL_2_FRP in NTC timeliness

Information about the characterisation of the new products is available in a draft of the product notice.

The SLSTR Level-2 FRP product will provide one measurement data file with Fire Radiative Power (FRP) values and associated parameters generated for each fire detected over the SLSTR 1 km grid, plus a number of annotation data files including information in support of the measurement data files, on a global scale.

The measurement data file includes:

  • FRP and its uncertainty
  • TCWV above fire
  • transmittance
  • projected area of detector IFOV on surface
  • glint angle (i.e. the angle between nadir view and specular direction)
  • associated across and along track coordinates
  • associated time and geographical coordinates
  • fire detection confidence
  • hotspot classification code
  • background window size
  • flags

The new FRP products are available since 19 August 2020.

The associated L1 and L2 Sentinel-3 Product Data Format Specification documents are available in the Sentinel-3 SLSTR Document Library.

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