Sentinel-3A Altimetry processor upgrade

16 January 2018

The Sentinel-3A Altimetry Processing Baseline (PB) 2.24 was deployed on 13 December 2017 at the ESA Sentinel-3 Land centres.

With PB 2.24, a large set of enhancements have been successfully implemented in the S-3A Altimetry ground processing chains, such as:

  • Improved Ocean Retracker (SAMOSA V2.5)
  • Improved Geophysical Corrections (e.g. tide models, MSS)
  • Improved product format consistency
  • Improved processing chains robustness and correctness

Note that the S-3 STM product Baseline Collection has been incremented to "003" along with the Processing Baseline 2.24.

Additional information on the PB 2.24 content is available in the S-3A STM product notices:

The applicable Product Format Specification document is version 2.9.

The STM product evolution document provides an overview of the evolutions and improvements of the Sentinel-3A Surface Topography Mission (STM) products.

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