New portal for EVDC

22 August 2017

The ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Center (EVDC) has been migrated to a new portal at with upgraded functionalities and new tools. The portal offers access to both Cal/Val data and Satellite products for specific missions. The user community is invited to exploit these new features and to contact the EVDC team ( for any further information.

The ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre (EVDC) serves as a central, long-term repository for archiving and exchange of correlative data for validation of atmospheric composition products from satellite platforms. Major upgrades have been included to meet the needs of the upcoming atmospheric composition/dynamic missions: Sentinel-5P and ADM-Aeolus.

The main enhancements of the EVDC with respect to the previous portal consist of an improved data access and query performance for the Cal/Val database, the new Search Satellite Data page for accessing the Satellite Archive (Level-1 and Level-2 products for specific missions over user-defined areas, currently for demonstration purposes available for selected Sentinel-3 scenes), and the inclusion of a new feature: the Orbit Predictor and Overpass Tool (OPOT).

The objective is to provide an online information system that supports users in managing and exploiting campaign datasets for Earth Observation missions and applications.

Please refer to the EVDC Newsletter for more details.

EVDC home pageScreenshot from the new EVDC portal

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