Sentinel-2B sample products now available

06 June 2017

The European Commission and ESA are pleased to announce the publication of the first Copernicus Sentinel-2B sample products acquired during the recent satellite in-orbit commissioning phase. These sample products are intended to provide users with the first familiarisation of Sentinel-2B products.

Five sample products are available for download from the Sentinel Open Access Hub covering sites in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and USA/Mexico.

The products are available to any registered user selecting the "S2B_Sample" collection or simply searching for "S2B_*" in the search field of the Data Hub.

On 15 June 2017 the In-Orbit Commissioning Review (IOCR) will take place. The IOCR Board shall formally confirm the readiness of Sentinel-2B for operations and data dissemination, upon which the regular flow of products shall start via the Copernicus Data Hubs.

Around the time of IOCR, the ramp-up observation scenario for Sentinel-2B will also be published.

Sentinel-2B adds onto the European Union's Earth Observation satellite constellation, Copernicus.

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