Pilot production of Sentinel-2 L2A products over Europe

25 April 2017

The pre-operational production of Sentinel-2 Level-2A atmospherically corrected data over Europe (EEA-39) is done using Sen2Cor processor (version 2.3.1).

For this production the PlanetDEM Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is used, while cirrus and Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) corrections are deactivated.

Level-2A products are nominally published 48-60 hours after the publication of corresponding L1C products, on the Copernicus Open Access Hub. Any potential gap in the production will be recovered automatically within 4-5 days.

The data access will be opened as of 2 May 2017, while products with sensing date from 28 March 2017 onwards will be progressively made available.

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