New Processing Baseline for Sentinel-3A Surface Topography Mission L1B and Land L2 products released on 28 February 2017

02 March 2017

The new processing baseline for both S-3A SRAL L1B and Land L2 products is 2.10.

As part of this Processing Baseline the new IPF version is 06.10 for SRAL L1 and 06.06 for SRAL L2.

The static auxiliary data SR_2_CONAX (configuration file for L2 processor) was updated to version 007.

The major improvements of this new Processing Baseline are at L1 processing level, where the calibrations are now correctly calculated and applied to the SRAL data.

The system bias applied to Sigma0 SAR data in Ku band was changed to -25.95 dB (the previous static bias was of -25.65 dB).

The Sentinel-3A Product Notices - STM Level-1 (NRT, STC and NTC) and STM L2 Land (NRT, STC and NTC) - describe the current status, processing baseline, product quality and limitations, and product availability status of the Level 1 and Land Level 2 products, respectively.

More information on the S-3 Altimetry products and data access can be found in the Sentinel-3 Mission Guide.

For any questions, contact the Copernicus User Service HelpDesk.

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