New processing baseline (02.04) for Sentinel-2A products

15 June 2016

On 15 June 2016, a new Processing Baseline (02.04) has been deployed for Sentinel-2A products. The first acquisition featuring baseline 02.04 is dated with 2015-06-15T03:15:42 UTC sensing time.

This new processing baseline corrects the product anomaly #15 that was caused by an anomalous deployment of Processing Baseline 02.03. Therefore, the products in processing baseline 02.03 shall not be used, and all corresponding products from 09 and 10 June have been removed from the archive and their reprocessing in Processing Baseline 02.02 is on-going with a planned completion by 16 June.

Processing Baseline 02.04 does not affect/change the Level-1C products, but corrects some inconsistencies in the pre-processing steps.

The description of all anomalies (from #3 to #11) can be found in the latest Sentinel-2 Data Quality Report.

The following table traces the history of the anomalies associated to the different processing baselines used.

Anomaly ID Title 02.00 02.01 02.02 02.03 02.04
Deployed 23/11/2015 Deployed 27/01/2016 Deployed 31/03/2016 Deployed 03/05/2016 Deployed 09/06/2016 Deployed 15/06/2016
3 Incorrect tile numbering yes          
4 Instrument Measurement Time MTD yes yes yes yes yes yes
5 Minimum Reflectance "0" yes yes        
6 Detector Footprint at Equator yes yes        
7 Missing Physical Gains MTD yes yes yes yes yes yes
8 Shifted Pixels yes, until 25/01/2016          
11 Missing Viewing Angles MTD yes (random) yes (random)        
12 Anomalous Pixels yes yes yes      
15 Strong Mis-registration         yes  

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