Sentinel-3A launch rehearsal complete

15 February 2016

Yesterday, a 'team of teams' working at ESA's control centre conducted a final rehearsal for tomorrow's launch of Sentinel-3A.

The rehearsal was the culmination of almost six months' intensive training for 50 engineers and scientists working on the Sentinel-3A satellite launch, set for 16 February at 17:57 GMT (18:57 CET).

Sentinel-3A carries a suite of sophisticated instruments that will measure Earth's oceans, land, ice and atmosphere, providing essential information in near-real time for ocean and weather forecasting as part of Europe's revolutionary Copernicus programme.

The day-long session saw the team sitting 'on console' in the Main Control Room at ESA's ESOC operations centre in Darmstadt, Germany, being led through the countdown, the liftoff and the initial hours of flight until the satellite's solar panel opened after about two hours.

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