Forthcoming availability of the Copernicus Sentinel-1A and -1B reprocessed precise orbital products

08 April 2021

We are pleased to announce that a Full Mission Reprocessing (FMR) of the Copernicus Sentinel-1A and -1B precise orbital products (AUX_POEORB) will be available in the upcoming days on the Copernicus Open Access Hub

These reprocessed Sentinel-1 orbital products have been generated in the frame of a reprocessing campaign by the Copernicus POD (CPOD) Service, FMR 2021, following the correction of the GPS antenna reference point location, applied on 29 to 30 July 2020 in the operational Sentinel-1 CPOD products (see News Story dated 23rd July 2020 for details).

The reprocessing has been performed including the latest geophysical models the CPOD Service is using, so that this set of products is in line with the current operational processing scheme for AUX_POEORB products (as reflected in the POD Product Handbook). Therefore, consistency is ensured between reprocessed and operational products.

The details of the processing scheme and inputs used for the reprocessing can be checked in the memorandum “GMV-CPOD-MEM-0052_v1.0_Sentinel-1 Full Mission Reprocessing (2021).pdf”, publicly available at Sentinel Online. Extensive validation against independently generated orbital products by members of the CPOD Quality Working Group show that the reprocessed precise orbital products (CPOR, in the pictures below) agree within 0.5 cm in 3D RMS with respect to a combined solution composed as a weighted mean of all the independent solutions. This is well below the 5 cm 3D RMS requirement for this type of product. Additional information about the quality control activities can be checked in the memorandum.

2021 calendar

2021 calendar

Figure: Temporal evolution of the orbit comparisons between all orbit solutions
against the combined orbit solution [3D RMS; cm] (upper plot for Sentinel-1A,
lower plot for Sentinel-1B)

More information about the Sentinel-1 POD products generated by the CPOD Service can be found on the Sentinels Online webpage.

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