First Sentinel-2A sample product available

16 July 2015

ESA is pleased to announce the publication of the first Sentinel-2A sample product acquired during the first month of satellite commissioning. The product is available for download from the Sentinel Scientific Data Hub.

This first product has been generated during the early in-orbit mission phase. The product quality at this stage is preliminary and it is not intended to reflect the final quality level of the future operational products. Current product limitations include:

  • Large absolute geolocation error (several hundreds of metres)
  • Co-registration error between bands (within VNIR bands, larger between NIR-SWIR bands)
  • No land/water and cloud masks available

This product is available to any user by searching for 'S2A*' in the search field of the Data Hub. It is intended to allow for the familiarisation with Sentinel-2 user products and to support activities that would require integration of Sentinel-2 products.

ESA intends to organise further releases of real products throughout the commissioning phase.

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