ESA and SAP launch new service for analysing satellite data

09 November 2016

ESA and the software company SAP have announced the Earth Observation Analysis service for the quick, easy consumption of Earth observation satellite data according to customer needs.

Powered by SAP's HANA cloud platform, the service aims to facilitate access to information acquired by Earth-observing satellites to a new field of business opportunities.

Reinsurance company Munich Re has been testing the service for gaining insights and predicting potential future impact from historic and current data.

"Every year, wildfires affect nature, people, their homes and businesses," said Andreas Siebert, Head of Geospatial Solutions, Munich Re.

"While the progress of a fire itself is hard to predict, this new service, leveraging satellite data from ESA, allows us to accurately calculate costs and risks related to wildfires and even gain insights into the future probability of wildfires. This will help us to keep costs down for our clients."

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