Copernicus Sentinel-5P Ground Processing System release 2.10.0 update

18 November 2021

As previously announced on 25 October, data (L2_AER_AI, L2_CO___, L2_NO2__, L2_AER_LH, L2_CH4__) from Copernicus Sentinel-5P are now processed with an improved processor (NL_L2 2.3.1 ). The improved data are available on the Copernicus S5P Hub starting with the orbit / dates below.

Data orbit/date starting from:

  • NRTI: orbit 21223, 17/11/2021
  • OFFL: orbit 21188, 14/11/2021

Detailed information is provided within the dedicated Product Readme File available in the Products and Algorithms page.

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