Copernicus Sentinel-5P changes for NPP Cloud products

12 March 2020

With reference to the news published on 5 March, users are informed that the Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor (S5P) operation system has been updated for products starting with the orbit / dates given below. The update comprises the change in the Suomi NPP (S-NPP) auxiliary file used for the Copernicus S5P methane (CH4) and Aerosol Layer Height (ALH) data processing.

The S-NPP auxiliary file has been updated with the new Enterprise Cloud Mask (ECM). It substitutes the VIIRS Cloud Mask (VCM), for which production will be discontinued soon.

  • NRT orbit 12486 11-03-2020
  • OFFL: orbit 12432, 07-03-2020
NRT processing has been stopped ( last processed orbit was 12482), NRT data will be generated again when the maintenance activity will end ( orbit 12486). No data gaps are foreseen for OFFL/NTC processing.

Detailed information is provided within the Product Readme Files.

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