Copernicus Sentinel-1B anomaly (5th update)

25 February 2022

Following the previous news on the Sentinel-1B anomaly that occurred on 23 December 2021, very detailed investigations related to the satellite power system’s affected unit are still on-going. The anomaly is related to a 28V power regulated bus that supplies power to the SAR electronics subsystem. The reactivation of both the main and redundant power regulators of this 28V bus have not been successful so far.

Whereas good progress has been made on the investigation of 18 identified possible failure scenarios linked to the affected power unit, at this stage the root cause of the anomaly has not been clearly identified. Satellite system level analyses are conducted in parallel, with the aim to perform new recovery attempts of the unit.

The satellite remains under control, the thermal control system works properly, regular orbit control manoeuvres are routinely performed.

Sentinel-1 users should assume a long-term unavailability of data provision (several months). It is however too early to consider a permanent unavailability of Sentinel-1B.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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