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Copernicus at 25: celebrating the growing community of Sentinel data users

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On the 25th anniversary of the Copernicus Earth Observation Programme, let’s take a closer look at the rapidly increasing number of Sentinel data users and the positive impact this community has on society and the environment.




In the past quarter-century, Copernicus has established itself as a world-leading Earth observation programme, delivering high-quality and timely data that are helping to tackle key global challenges.

Since the launch of the first Sentinel satellite in 2014, ESA has supported the community of Sentinel data users by implementing a service for the provision of complete, free and open Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P data products.

In the past years, the service has grown rapidly. It has now accrued some 705,000 users who have downloaded some 550 PB of data, enabling investigations into Earth’s natural processes and supporting the development of innovative operational applications.

As part of the Copernicus ground segment transformation, ESA is expanding the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem with new features, data and services.

This leading European ecosystem is providing free and instant access to a wide range of data and services from the Copernicus Sentinel missions and more on our planet.






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