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Availability of predicted orbital products for Sentinel-1 mission

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The Copernicus Precise Orbit Determination (CPOD) Service is pleased to announce that from 2022/09/09 onwards, a new predicted orbital product (AUX_PREORB) of Sentinel-1 mission is available to external users through the Copernicus Sentinels POD Data Hub:, with a retention policy of one month.

This orbital product is generated routinely by the CPOD Service to support the Near Real Time (NRT) SAR processing. A new product is generated per orbit, using the GNSS data acquired on-board to compute a restituted orbit (AUX_RESORB), and propagate further to generate this new product. It has a coverage of four orbits in the future, starting from the last ascending node.

The orbital accuracy of the product is quite good during the first orbit, but it degrades gradually over the subsequent orbits contained in each file. The level of accuracy obtained in the second quarter of 2022, for the first, and second orbit contained in each file, can be found here.

The accuracy of the first orbit, is better that the accuracy obtained on-board by the GNSS receiver (NAVSOL). The following figure shows the daily differences in 3D RMS, of the NAVSOL and AUX_PREORB, compared with a restituted orbit of few millimetres of error. It can be seen the significant improvement: the mean error of NAVSOL is 243 cm, while the first orbit of PREORB is just 15 cm and the second orbit is 35 cm.

The complete specification of these products can be found at the POD File Format Specification document.


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