ALGO3, a new algorithm for ATSR World Fire Atlas: 21 years of fire monitoring

17 October 2013

A new fire detection algorithm ALGO3, has been tested and validated for ATSR-1/-2 and AATSR. This extends the ATSR World Fire Atlas (WFA) to 21 years of night-time fire series.

Based on detection of the ATSRs 1.6 μm SWIR band radiances during night-time observations, ALGO3 fully extends the ATSR-WFA time series back to 1991 using the ATSR-1 measurements.

The detection capability of ALGO3 has been estimated in certain case to be an order of magnitude more efficient than the 3.7 μm ATSR-WFA algorithms (ALGO1/2). The validation has been performed comparing ALGO3 products with respect to the ones generates by MODIS-Terra. The Advanced ATSR-WFA products covering 21 years of night-time fire monitoring, generated applying ALGO3, will be soon freely available for the scientific community on ESA DUE World Fire Atlas web page.

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