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A new release of the Copernicus Sentinel Operations Dashboard with a finer visualization of available product types

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The Copernicus Sentinel Operations Dashboard is the platform meant to keeps users and stakeholders up to date with the latest information about satellite data made available to them.

Since its deployment on April 20th 2023, the Dashboard is constantly updated, to improve the quality and the timeliness of the information delivered.

With this regard, new features have been released on Monday June 26th, 2023:

  • Improved visualization of available product types: in the Datatakes view, by clicking on the magnifying lens icon, users can inspect the percentage of completeness of every single product type associated to the selected Data take (Figure 1). By entering a text in the search textbox field, it is also possible to filter the available product types by name, level, or completeness percentage (Figure 2).

Figure 1 Visualization of product types completeness

Figure 2 Product types filtering

  • Finer control of datatake’s status: in the Datatakes view, two additional states were introduced (Figure 3):
    • “PROCESSING”: indicating that the datatake acquisition or publication is still ongoing, and that the completeness observed so far may evolve. The completeness percentage is updating in real time;
    • “DELAYED”: when the datatake completeness is taking more than the expected time.Thanks to these new states, it is possible to discriminate among products that are still undergoing the processing phase from those having the processing phase completed.

Figure 3 The new "PROCESSING" status

  • Improved Online Help: click on the expandable “Description” panel to show / hide the page Online Help (Figure 4).

Figure 4 The new Online Help

  • New About page, with a detailed description of the Copernicus Sentinel Operations Dashboard content (Figure 5).

Figure 5 The new "About" page

For any inquiries on the Copernicus Sentinel Operations Dashboard, please contact

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