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First S-1A images for Copernicus

Despite not having reached its operational orbit, and just over a week after it was launched, the Sentinel-1A satellite has provided its first images of the Earth . Much is yet to do - the satellite is not yet in its operational orbit, and it has not been accurately calibrated yet, but these images give us a glimpse of the missions potential.
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The Payload Data Ground Segment: first act !

... before the end of the LEOP, the payload data ground segment (PDGS) got the opportunity to express itself for the first time with real data !... Last Sunday very early in the morning, colleagues from ESRIN and industry attended in real-time the first Sentinel-1A X-band signal acquisition at the Matera ground station in Italy… But much more happened later on the...
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Great job from ESOC friends !

… Since my last post,  a lot has happened… A great job was made by the friends from ESOC in charge of the Satellite LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase), two teams working day and night during 3 and half days, with the support of colleagues from ESTEC and the satellite industrial team. They took the command of Sentinel-1A just after its injection by Soyuz and performed...
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Deployments successfully completed !

... a long night indeed, but great news: the solar panels and the SAR antenna are now fully deployed... Another great step achieved !   Pier Bargellini / Pierre Potin    
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A wonderful launch !

A lot of emotion tonight watching the first Sentinel-1 satellite going up in the clear sky of Kourou ... Well done Soyuz ! Currently witnessing the first SAR antenna deployment from the control centre in ESOC... It will be a long night !...    
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