Sentinel-5 Mission Guide

04 July 2016

A new version of the Sentinel-5 Mission Guide is now available and provides a high-level description of the future atmospheric monitoring mission of the Copernicus Programme.

The Sentinel-5 mission consists of a single high resolution spectrometer system operating in the ultraviolet to shortwave infrared range with seven different spectral bands. This instrument shall be carried aboard the MetOp-SG A satellite.

The mission guide details the main aspects of Sentinel-5 and provides:

  • An overview of the mission, its heritage, and the themes and services it shall address
  • The objectives of Sentinel-5
  • A description of the MetOp-SG A satellite, including its orbit and geographical coverage
  • Details of the Ground Segment, which is managed via the EPS-SG Ground Segment
  • Specifications of the spectrometer instrument and its spectral bands
  • Information on the Sentinel-5 data products

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